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Parenting on Purpose (Children) Parenting on Purpose
I try to read at least a book a week on the topic of Christian living, leadership, ministry development, marriage or parenting.

This past week, as I’ve been reading through Andy Stanley’s Visioneering, two things stuck out to me. In the introduction to the book, he discusses the reason for having a vision for your life. He explains that:

“Everyone ends up somewhere in life. A few people end up somewhere on purpose.”

We are all heading somewhere. More importantly, as parents, we are leading our children somewhere. But where are we leading them? Are we intentionally leading our children and families? Or are we simply content to let life take us where it will?

We cannot expect that our family will end up at a preferred future if we’re not expecting and encouraging that on an every day basis. We have to look for opportunities to build into our children and loved ones what we want of them. As Andy put it,

“If you are a parent, you probably have a vision for your children. Instead of simply praying that they would become men and women of character, pray for opportunities to build character into their lives. Your vision involves you. You have a role. You have a part to play.”

We cannot simply hope that our children will develop into people of character. Rather, we have to pray for and take advantage of the opportunities that God presents us with.

I hope this encourages you in your parenting. I’m praying for your family the same prayer I’m praying for my own:

“God, would you grant me an opportunity today to develop in my children character and Christ-likeness. Make me aware of the opportunities you give me, and help me to make the most of them.”

Who our kids grow up to be isn’t based on your influence and efforts alone, but you do have the biggest role in their lives. Make the most of it by parenting on purpose.
What’s been happening in our Student Minsitries… (Students) What’s been happening in our Student Minsitries…
Part of our mission at CCoF is to “REACH our community with the message of Jesus Christ.” Every part of our church takes that very seriously and that includes the Student Ministries. There are lots of ways to spread the message of Jesus. Sometimes it is with our words. Sometimes it is with our actions. Sometimes it is bold and requires faith to reach out to someone. Sometimes it is unnoticed and we allow God to take our actions and efforts farther than we ever could on our own.
Recently our Student Ministry has been preparing for summer camp and we have always tried to find ways for families to make camp more affordable. This year we have started doing fundraising opportunities where students spend an amount of time serving in the community and they are then awarded a certain amount of money from donors for their time. One of the organizations we’ve partnered with is the Flagstaff Medical Center. It originally started as an idea that Jim Dorman suggested. As we began to follow up with this partnership we found out just how many opportunities there really are.
Earlier this year we had two groups of students, one group high school and the other group middle school, go and spend an afternoon helping clean up the property of The Taylor House Together they really made a big impact on that property. More recently 24 middle school students got together before youth group to write personalized cards for those staying at FMC in the hospital. These cards were warm greetings, holiday wishes, and sympathies for their current condition. They made over 200 cards that day alone! And what’s more is that they will be getting together again on May 6th to write even more cards!
I believe this is another way we reach our community with the message of Jesus Christ. By serving our local hospital, by helping clean up a wonderful local operation, and by sending those who are sick a little reminder that they are loved. This is just a taste of the exciting ways our students here at CCoF reach out to their community and it restores my hope in the next generation. I want to personally thank Jim Dorman for dreaming with us and making it possible for these partnerships to happen. I want to thank the Flagstaff Medical Center for allowing us to serve them and partner with them. And I want to thank our awesome Middle School, High School, and College Age students who by their example and service continue to make me feel like I have the greatest job in the world.
If you want to be involved in some of our upcoming Community Projects or want more info on our summer camps, please contact Kelsey!

- Garrett Shelp

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We used to create picture posts, but the content didn’t come through well. So we tried link posts, but the way it came through the pictures were double-posted with the content. Publishing as a draft to manually edit before posting proved to be too labor-intensive - the posts quickly fell behind.

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Let us know what you think! Pathway of Discovery
What a great Palm Sunday celebration we experienced this past weekend! The presentations by the various segments of our Worship Ministry allowed us to experience the wonder of God’s love through music and the spoken word. In addition, Chris’ insights on the extent of Jesus’ willingness to suffer on our behalf provided a tremendous platform for our final preparation for celebrating the wonder of Easter!

What path are you going to pursue this week in order to enhance your personal experience of Easter? For me, I am going to listen to, “The Angels were Silent” by Max Lucado; participate in our Good Friday service and prayer vigil; and, review the wonder of Easter as I prepare the message for next weekend.

In his book, “The Angels were Silent”, Max Lucado recounts all of the events experienced by Jesus between Palm Sunday and Easter morning. He notes, “when a person knows he/she is about to experience death, his/her time is spent on what they deem to be very important. Knowing He was about to die, Jesus chose to spend His time on some very specific subjects and events – as we study them, we discover what He deemed to be the most important ways to spend His time and energy during His last week of His earthly life.” I am asking God to help me discover at least one vital insight about Easter I have never known or thought about for awhile.

During our Good Friday service, I am asking God to allow me to better grasp the depth of Jesus’ sacrifice, how His sacrifice impacted my eternity, and how His sacrifice is to transform ways I pursue my life here on Earth.

And, finally, as I try to always do, I am asking God to speak to me during my time of message preparation so that He can speak to you, through His Word and me, during the weekend. Our focus will be the “Empty Tomb”. Please pray I follow God’s leadership and our time next weekend will a powerful and meaningful time to our guests and members alike!

Well, this will be my pathway – what direction is God calling you to pursue in order for this Easter to be one of your most significant Easter’s ever? Happy Easter!
Pathway of Discovery (Pastor’s Blog) Can I introduce you to my friend?
I wanted to express my gratitude to Chris and Brad who stepped up and covered my weekend responsibilities for the last two weekends while I was battling the flu and a few other medical issues. It is so comforting to know God has assembled such a great staff and I deeply appreciated their willingness to step up and cover with such short notice! Thanks, guys!

While I was not able to present the message at all four services, following our Saturday night gathering one of our families visited with me and having received their permission, I would like to share some of their thoughts with you –

This couple travels from Tuba City each weekend to be with us and they shared how much they enjoy gathering with our people each weekend and how much they appreciate the services provided by our staff. It is just as great a pleasure to have them join us each weekend, as well.

Having explored the impact of the Garadene demoniac following his healing by Jesus, the wife began to share with me how another person had brought the same impact to her life. She told me how one night she was traveling home to the reservation to visit with her human father. She was traveling on a road, which at that time was named Highway 666, during a stormy rainy night. While walking on the side of the road, she was passed by a car that slowed down, turned around, and came back to see if she would like a ride. She accepted and found herself sharing about her life, its challenges, and the hopelessness she often felt. She told me she cried throughout her story and when there was a pause, the driver of the car asked her if she could introduce her to a friend of hers. She said yes, and the driver said, “I would like to introduce you to a friend of mine – his name is Jesus. He will always be with you and He will never forsake You!” The lady said Jesus became my friend that night and as my Lord and Savior He has never left me or forsaken me. She then shared some ways God has brought healing to her life, how she has experienced a wonderful marriage, and that her daughter is now the first Native American Judge serving the state of California.

It is great to learn the gratitude of the Garadene demoniac led to 4,000 people traveling to listen to the teachings of Jesus, but it is just as gratifying to learn how the testimony of one believer transformed the future of another by introducing her to her friend, Jesus. May we introduce our friend to others we love or find in need!

Can I introduce you to my friend? (Pastor’s Blog)
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