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Move Up Weekend (Children) Move Up Weekend
As the end of the school year quickly approaches, so does our Move Up weekend. Move Up will take place on the weekend of June 7-8.

What does that mean to you and your kids?
The biggest difference this will make is for our current 5th graders. They will be moving up to Middle School as of Move Up weekend. All other kids in our Later Childhood large-group service (current 1st – 4th graders) will remain in the Children’s Auditorium.

However, we are updating the structure of our Early and Later Childhood age groups.

Currently, we have 5 age groups:
- Nursery (Birth-Walking)
- 2s
- 3s
- 4s-Kindergarten
- 1st – 5th Grade

As of June 7-8 we will be updating to these groups:
- Nursery (Birth-walking)
- 2s
- 3s & 4s
- Kinder & 1st Grade
- 2nd – 5th Grade

We want to provide the most age-appropriate experience for your children, and we believe this will help aid in your child’s spiritual and learning development, by being able to reach them directly where they are at.

As of the weekend of June 7-8, your child’s classroom will be:
- Nursery (Room 107)
- 2s (Room 108)
- 3s & 4s (Room 102)
- Kinder & 1st Grade (Room 103)
- 2nd – 5th Grade (Children’s Auditorium)

Please don’t hesitate to contact Dustin DeJong with any questions you might have. Once again, thank you for entrusting your children to our care. It is our great privilege to be a part of their spiritual development.
Summer Camp & Community Event Important Update… (Students) Summer Camp & Community Event Important Update…
UCYC & CIY is just around the corner (CRAZY we know!)
ALL registrations and the entire camp payment is due July 1st, this is only 2 months away! If you are planning on sending your student to camp get registered today!

We only have 2 more Community Events left for both Middle School and High School camps! If you need help to get to camp be sure to be at these events! We will still be selling discount cards through July 1st.
- If you are currently in High School your next event will be a car wash on Saturday May 3 from 9am till 1pm, location will be communicated when you sign up! There will also be another High School car wash and when that date is confirmed we will notify you immediately.
- If you are currently in Middle School or a 5th grader, your last two events will be, Tuesday May 6 from 5-6pm at the West Campus and Saturday May 17 from 8:30-11:30am at CCoF!

If you would like your student to participate in any of the events listed above, please contact Kelsey Hartzler.

We are so excited about this summer’s camps and taking more students than before! We want everyone to get a chance to be a part of our summer programs! We look forward to seeing you soon!

How to Pray for our Mission Partners (Missions) How to Pray for our Mission Partners
CCoF has 18 mission partners whom we support financially on a regular basis, serving in locations in the U.S. and around the world. When we talk to them about their needs, we are always met with the request for prayer support. Yes, most missionaries barely scrape by financially, but yet their biggest request is for prayer.

As you remember our mission partners in prayer, here are suggestions for praying effectively:

Pray responsibly: Remain in a constant attitude of readiness for prayer. God might impress you through the day or in the night to intercede for a missionary.
Pray in faith: Trust in God to meet the needs of the missionaries for whom you are praying. Expect reports of victory.
Pray in the Spirit: Praying in the Spirit facilitates intercession beyond human understanding. As the Holy Spirit prays through us, tremendous victories are won.
Pray joyfully: Be thankful that God hears and answers prayer. Thank Him in advance for answers and for the privilege of being a prayer partner in missions.
Pray specifically: Focus on the following needs and others as they come to mind:

Health: Many missionaries battle physical illnesses. Pray for their healing and sustained strength for the task.
Protection: Spiritual warfare is real. Missionaries often come under Satan’s attack. Pray that God will shield them from harm and give them victory in overcoming spiritual darkness.
Provision: Needs in some countries are especially great. Costs of food, utilities, and other supplies can be staggering and many missionaries are struggling with reduced financial support due to the economy. Pray that God will provide day-to-day needs.
Encouragement: Discouragement can easily set in amid the heavy workloads and cultural adjustments. Pray that God will strengthen our missionaries spiritually.
Evangelism: Reaching people for Christ is the heartbeat of missions. Pray that the Spirit of God will move mightily and open hearts in personal evangelism.
Spiritual Nourishment: Missionaries in countries hostile to Christianity often struggle with their own spiritual walk in the absence of Christian fellowship. Pray for opportunities and discipline for personal quiet times and continued spiritual growth and connectedness.
Anointing: Pray that our missionaries will experience a continued fresh outpouring of the Holy Spirit’s anointing upon their lives and ministries.
Projects: Numerous projects are under way on the mission field – church plantings, well drilling, aquaponic agriculture, family centers, Bible schools, medical clinics, Bible translation, etc. Pray that materials, workers, and finances will be provided to conduct these projects.

Note: If your Neighborhood Group hasn’t yet adopted a missionary to pray for, please contact Lisa at
Easter Reflections (Pastor’s Blog) Easter Reflections
It’s Monday morning and I find myself sitting at Bookman’s experiencing a time of quiet reflection of the weekend we just experienced at CcoF. As I consider our Good Friday Service, our four Easter Services, our Easter Sunrise Service, our Prayer Vigil, and our Sunday Morning Breakfast, it was a really busy weekend. But, as each service unfolded, we became aware God was moving in a very powerful way.
I cannot tell you how many times our guest and our members took the time to express this weekend provided them their most memorable Good Friday or Easter experience. Our staff is so grateful for the opportunity to provide such meaningful times of worship and ministry to our guests and family members.
Let me take a moment to talk about our “staff”. I am so privileged to work with the members of our ministry team who are employed at CCoF. God has truly assembled a tremendous team – our ministry staff, interns, ministry support staff, and Abundant Life Preschool team are extremely dedicated and work together to provide the ministry direction and structure necessary to guide our church in accomplishing it’s God-given mission.
But, I want to take a few moments to talk about the members of our staff who comprise our lay ministry team. Every week, hundreds of our people clear their schedules to provide ministry to our Northern Arizona community that just could not happen without them. In partnership with the Holy Spirit, their commitment to ministry, personal sacrifice, and dedication to excellence, they are transforming our community for Christ and making our ministry more effective than it has ever been.
Let me close by saying it is a privilege to be your pastor and a joy to serve alongside each and everyone of you! Thanks for all you do for Him and I hope you and your family experienced as wonderful an Easter as did our guests and other CCoF family members – your efforts were truly a fragrant offering to our Heavenly Father!

My Love in Christ,
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